It’s mother’s day!

It’s mother’s day! I know two mothers who have been part of my whole life.

My Mama

IMG_1488Our life is almost an open book for many people. It was not the ideal, but it is the best nonetheless. After all the trials that we faced, we stood still and kept moving forward. This is primarily because of mama. Mama was the cornerstone of myself—my strength and motivation. Mama was the symbol of hope when there was none. She was my light in the dark. We might not agree most of the time, but mama is the only person I would love the way I am loving her. Without her, I would not even see the beauty of life. Without her, I am nobody.

Every mother’s day (and her birthday, too) is a reminder for me to be thankful for having her. For all the successes and failures in my life, mama was always there trying to keep my foot on the ground or lifting me up as I fall. I may not be always able to tell her, but I am forever grateful that she is my mother.

My sister Achi

IMG_1489Achi is now a mother, too! She was my childhood buddy. She would keep the Lego or bike away from me and Chinee, but was always there to stand by us. Makulit — this is how she would describe me during our younger days. As the eldest among us, she tried to show courage and strength in the face of life’s greatest challenges. Even if we do not agree on certain occasions, I guess the distance that separates us now (because she is living in Japan) makes me feel partly incomplete.

Now, she has Xandro, a very cute little boy, my nephew, and godson. I hope that she be a very good mother to him, as mama was to us. And I know she will be.

To these two mothers, Mama and Achi, I greet you a happy mother’s day! I love you both!

To those who have been mothers in different and many ways, thank you! Happy mother’s day!

It’s mother’s day!

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