Today, I write again.

Today, I write again.

Yesterday, I was looking at the entire Cebu City at night. There, I saw it lit in the midst of darkness. There is beauty in darkness, as there is in brightness. It gives a chilling effect, both literally and figuratively. Looking down, I realise that the world is indeed so vast. Looking inside, I realise how small I was compared to the larger world. I was overwhelmed by the sight. The clouds, later on, covered the moon—a shining one. Little by little, the clouds fell in the form of small droplets of water. It rained somewhere far. I don’t know where it is.

Now, the seats in the waiting area are almost empty; it is not as crowded. The noise died down, as people, one by one, board their planes. We were left waiting. The flight was delayed for some minutes. The day will change and I am about to start my Sunday inside the airport. While waiting for my battery to charge, I decided to type some words and gather some thoughts. This is perhaps my way to kill time. Time moves slowly when you are waiting; fast when doing something.

I thought I can resume working on this blog. I hope I can sustain this. Classes have ended and maybe I will have more time.

So, today, I write again.

Today, I write again.

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