Some reflections

Before, I’d prefer to be alone. I thought being alone would help me to be more productive. I thought I will be able to concentrate on my work when I’m alone. Today, I feel the need of a company. Having someone to talk to, i.e. to share your insights, thoughts, and worries, provides me comfort and assurance.

Everyone needs some sense of comfort and assurance. At this point in my life, I hope to find it from the people around me, my family and friends. Whenever I am sad, I simply watch movies or series which I expect to make me smile or laugh. Such actions have lost its power on me. I now prefer to talk to someone who will respond to me. I don’t care if that person agrees or disagrees, so long as we talk.

I am snobbish. I tend to close my doors to people who I think have nothing to contribute to me, or my growth. In particular, I usually shut them down believing that entertaining them was a waste of my time. Such arrogance would be replaced by sadness along the way. Nevertheless, I believe I learned the lesson.

I confide with my two friends who I trust the most. I share with them my grief, my joy, my downfalls, and my accomplishments. They have been very patient with me. And I appreciate their efforts to stand by me. In trying times, we find our real friends.

I never really opened up to my students until recently. I thought my relationship with them is professional than personal. Of course, I realised it was not limited to the former. In fact, they have provided me strength to face whatever there is to face, academically and morally. They have shown their care and love for their teacher, who despite hard exams and heavy requirements has deserved their warm support.

Some reflections

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