On missed calls

People would usually prefer to call than send a text message when there is something urgent and important to say. On the user’s part, maybe to save battery or something else, the phone is placed on silent mode, or turned off. If one has answered several calls, the phone may die and thus miss other calls.

Why am I talking about calls? This is because we all experience our own calls, not via phone, but via our invisible channel to Our Father. There is a quotation shared by my elementary school religion teacher: “Many are called, but few respond.” This call is the call to serve the Lord, and His people.

Every time I attend mass and listen to the priest’s homily, I am struck by the priest’s message, directly or not, intended or accidental. He always speaks about how great it is to serve the Lord in various ways possible. And yet he emphasizes the fact that fewer and fewer are interested to serve the Lord by entering into the vocation. He is talking about priesthood.

I had this dream about entering a seminary and becoming a priest. I had it when I was in elementary school. Maybe, it is because I studied in Catholic elementary schools. To be a priest, then I thought, would allow me to share things I want to share. They are good speakers. People listen to them. Plus, they have cool ‘costumes’. As I grow, I realized that there is more to priesthood that those things.

High school, and college passed. Now, I’m finishing a graduate degree. I still have that dream. I don’t know if it will be realized. Only God knows. He is the one who does the calling.

God’s call are like those calls we receive. It is urgent and important. It is from God! But we place our souls in silent mode or we turn off our connection with Him. Worse, we ignore the call, His call.

On missed calls

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