The Research Process

It is quite frustrating on the part of a researcher if, after all the data needed have been gathered, there is a difficulty in translating the data into text. What I am talking about is writing the research itself. Writing is the easiest part, but it is not that easy after all.

Of course, the proposal stage was the most challenging part. Framing the questions, conceptualizing the theoretical and analytical frameworks, integration of various articles, chapters and books for the literature review are those that make the proposal stage a difficulty task. However, once everything is in place, once the proposal is approved, a researcher takes another phase: data gathering.

Data gathering is the most tasking, yet most exciting part of all. There are many realizations one can derive from the data gathering process. When we gather data, we realize two things: first, the problem is right, i.e. the questions are validated; and second, there are a lot of questions you have yet to ask. The world is a big research basin. You can find many interesting answers to different questions. There are also realities uncovered that sometimes are not known to our common senses. Data gathering gives us an in-depth understanding of the research problem we chose.

In short, during data gathering process, the research takes its full form. We can now see the bigger picture: how the variables are connected, and their interaction. It is safe to say that after data gathering, you have your complete research in your head, awaiting the writing process.

This makes writing seemingly easy. Because we have the idea that it is ready and about to burst out in form of words, sentences and paragraphs, writing becomes the hardest part, in reality. How does one phrase the sentences to sound clear and effective in delivering the right message? Which goes first, goes last? There is this dilemma a researcher face which becomes hard to resolve. In my case, I know what I have to write, but I cannot write them.

Relaxation should be made part of the research process. The stress present in the researcher’s mind does no help, but even makes everything cluttered! 

The Research Process

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